3 Reasons You’ll Be Glad To Have a Glass Cooker Splashback

glass cooker splashback

Cooker splashbacks are one of our most regularly commissioned products. More often than not, splashbacks for cookers are purchased alongside splashbacks that run along the whole length of the kitchen worktops, providing protection to the entire area where food and moisture are regularly present.

There are a number of important reasons that most people opt for splashbacks for cookers. Here we’ll walk you through their main uses and benefits.


Perhaps the number one reason why most people fit splashbacks for cookers is to protect their walls. When frying or boiling anything on the hob the contents of your pans can spit and splash. Without a splashback behind your cooker the wall will quickly become marked. Where those marks are caused by grease or sauces hitting wallpaper, the chances are that they will not be easily removed.

The best way to avoid marking the wall behind your hob with persistent stains is by installing splashbacks. For cookers to be used freely, without having to worry about splashes, the wall needs to be protected. That can be done simply and cost-effectively with glass splashbacks.

Grease stains are the absolute hardest stains to remove from any porous surface. With many wallpapers and lots of types of paint, once the wall is splashed with grease or oil the resulting mark is there to stay. With a glass splashback behind your cooker, stains can be wiped away in seconds.

Style personalised splashbacks for cookers

Glass splashbacks for cookers look great. It’s as simple as that! So, as well as their incredible practicality, many people opt for glass splashbacks for their cooker tops because of what they add to the aesthetic of the kitchen.

Our sprayed glass splashbacks are available in literally thousands of shades. They can be designed to match your paint perfectly, or to add contrast. You can even commission a piece of art to sit behind your stove, by including a design or image of your choice on your splashback. With our premium range, you can make a small or dark kitchen appear larger or lighter, by opting for mirrored splashbacks.

All splashbacks for cookers that we produce are made to order, to fit the dimensions of the customer’s kitchen. As you consult with our experts during your ordering process you can tell them your ideas and get their input, to really use your splashbacks to add something special to the look of your kitchen.


As well as looking great and providing excellent protection to your wall, glass splashbacks for cookers are infinitely practical in a number of different ways.

Firstly, they could not be easier to clean. We install sprayed glass splashbacks without the use of grout, so there are no areas that can degrade or be difficult to clean. Simply wipe over this toughened glass with a damp cloth on a regular basis and it will look as good as new for a very, very long time. Plus, because splashbacks for cookers are made from toughened glass you can be confident that they won’t be damaged by the heat from your stove, they won’t chip or smash and the colour won’t fade.

Glass Splashbacks For Cookers At Sprayed Glass Splashbacks

Hygienic and incredibly hard wearing, glass splashbacks for cookers are a ‘must’ for any busy, modern kitchen. You can choose from any of our existing colours or designs, or create your own design to personalise your kitchen. If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of glass cooker splashbacks, get in touch with us today by calling 01942 389 554 for more information.