The number one UK basin splashback suppliers

The number one basin splashback suppliers in the UK

Splashbacks for your basins

You’ve seen and heard of our splashbacks for cookers, worktops, bathrooms and businesses but did you know we are also the number one basin splashback suppliers in the UK.

Let’s just be clear so everyone is on the same page, a basin is a sink so basin splashbacks can be suitable for your kitchens, bathrooms, ensuites, pretty much anywhere with a sink!

There are many benefits of basin splashbacks but one first important point you should know about them is the fact they are still exactly the same as our other splashbacks in the sense they are strong 6mm thick pieces of bespoke glass which are completely unique to each individual.

Whether you are looking for splashbacks for kitchen basins or bathroom basins we are here to help. Our experienced team can tell you what’s best for you and your needs and can also give you any help and guidance you may need when selecting your splashback from the UK’s #1 basin splashback suppliers.

Benefits of buying from the UK’s #1 basin splashback suppliers

Like we said there are many benefits of basin splashbacks so it’s about time we tell you some of them. Now don’t worry these benefits apply to both splashbacks for kitchen basins, bathroom basins and any other basins you can think of!

Sinks are for cleaning, whether it’s pots and pans or your face and body; either way dirt is going to gather and residue is going to build up however you don’t have to worry about it building up on the walls behind your sink because the basin splashback will be there to protect the walls from any dirt and grime.

The majority of the time when we see our walls are dirty we think the whole room needs a whole new lick of paint but what if it is just around the sink? Our splashbacks for kitchen basins and bathroom basins are super easy to clean, you won’t need to worry about it looking messy and better yet it won’t ruin any of your paint work! This is one of the benefits of basin splashbacks that many customers love!

As the kitchen is a place for cooking and the bathroom is a place for cleaning, these are 2 rooms within your house that need to be the most hygienic. By contacting our basin splashback suppliers and getting yours fitted you’re guaranteeing yourself a healthier home, this comes down to the ease of cleaning and lack of dirt building up.

One of the great benefits of basin splashbacks is that they don’t, won’t and can’t stain. How many of you ladies dye your hair in the bathroom and end up getting spots of hair dye on the walls? They don’t come off do they? Well with our basin splashbacks this doesn’t have to be a concern.

We truly are the best choice when it comes to basin splashback suppliers and this is because we provide quality products and services which you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of. Our splashbacks for basins last alot longer than tiles and will in fashion and stylish for a lot longer too.

Finally and probably one of the best benefits of basin splashbacks is the fact that they look a lot nicer than any other material you would use in your kitchen or bathroom. They can be designed by you to make sure they go with the room and won’t have to be replaced for a long time. Stay neutral, go bright, even get a picture printed on them! Turn your bathroom into an underwater world just with a picture printed basin splashback!

Give your sink some attention

Give your sink the attention that it needs by contacting the UK’s number one basin splashback suppliers.

We can have your splashback made, measured and fitted in no time. Our professional team have many years of experience who can definitely be the helping hand you need.

Are you liking our bathroom basins and splashbacks for kitchen basins? It’s about time we had a chat, give us a call on 01942 389 554.