Bathroom glass splashbacks – they aren’t just exclusive to your kitchen!

do you need professionals to fit sprayed glass splashbacks?

That special look and touch to your bathroom

When you think of a splashback, we bet that you are automatically taken to the kitchen in your head, and picture something that sits on the back of your cooker and stops any dirt and grime from staining your wall or tiles. What if we said that bathroom glass splashbacks are some of our most common?

Allow us to broaden your horizons – a splashback can do so much more than act as a place for your spag bol to land when you have the pan on too high!

The trend of glass splashbacks for bathrooms is a growing one, and we will tell you exactly where they can go, and tell you just how great they look!

Walk into your bathroom, and have a look around…

Bear with us here, we aren’t mad. Get up, and go and look at your bathroom. What is it like? Plain? Boring? Think about our bathroom glass splashbacks that come in a variety of colours – they could take your bathroom and turn it around from drab to fab.

Coloured splashbacks for bathrooms are brilliant, and we bet you’ll wonder why you never thought of them before now.

Are you still looking? Are you wondering where the bathroom glass splashbacks could go?

So, look at your bath. How about a big, bright strip running along the side of the bath that injects a bit of colour into the room that wouldn’t otherwise be there? Or how about a nice image behind your sink? Ever been scuba diving? Did you get pictures? We can print them and place them in your bathroom via the medium of glass splashbacks for bathrooms.

The thing with coloured glass splashbacks for bathrooms is they bring a design element to a room that looks really high end. So if your bathroom needs livening up, but you haven’t quite got the money to do it from top to toe, they are a great way to inject something new into the room, bringing style, colour and not to forget uniqueness.

Bathroom glass splashbacks can save you money when you are renovating

Honestly – you’d be surprised at just how much you can save just by using splashbacks, and our expert fitting doesn’t make them look like a shortcut. Think about it – usually, in your bathroom, you will tile your walls from top to bottom.

This isn’t cheap, and to make it look good, you have to invest in good tiles! Not only this, but if your taste dates, it’s expensive to change, too.

By painting your bathroom with specialist paint, and using glass splashbacks around the areas that are prone to water, you are saving yourself the cost of having to tile your bathroom, which also takes time!

Our splashbacks can be fitted within a few hours.

Want to change what your bathroom looks like? Changing your splashbacks is just as easy as it was to get them fitted in the first place.

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