Restore Your Bathroom Sparkle With Glass Splashbacks

Bathroom splashback panels designed and installed

The bathroom should be a tranquil haven that we can retreat to after a long hard day of work. The look of a bathroom makes all the difference to the atmosphere and it’s hard to relax in an environment that is run down and far from luxurious. If your bathroom is looking a little neglected and you’d love to bring some shine, sparkle and luxury into this space then why not install bathroom splashback panels? They’ll immediately transform the look of your bathroom and will always keep it looking clean and tidy. 

Why You Need Splashbacks in Your Bathroom

As there’s a lot of water splashing about in bathrooms you need to be able to protect the surrounding walls from water damage. It’s not ideal having beautifully painted walls near water as they’ll only become discoloured and ruined over time. Splashbacks are a practicality in bathrooms as they’re resistant to water damage and can be wiped clean with just one swipe.

Covering your entire walls with glass splashbacks will keep the whole bathroom looking fresh and clean all of the time. Don’t be put off by the term ‘glass’ as it’s not as delicate as you may think. We use toughened, durable glass that is shatter-proof and stain resistant so whether it’s water, soap or even hair dye they can be easily removed!

Bathroom splashback panels are great for functionality and practicality but they also have the added benefit of looking amazing too! Glass splashbacks give a sophisticated look to any room and with our many designs you can have a bathroom that is completely bespoke to your style.

Our Range of Bathroom Splashback Panels

Toilet glass splashbackCommercial glass splashback installation


We’ve installed bathroom splashback panels to many homes and commercial environments and each time we’ve delivered something unique that meets our customer’s requirements. We can install glass splashbacks anywhere in a bathroom whether that be in the shower/bath area, an upstand on a sink, or behind a toilet or dryer as seen above.

From a simple coloured bathroom splashback to unique designs we provide them all! We’re able to create splashbacks in every colour imaginable which works great for commercial projects if you have particular brand colours and you want your brand’s theme reflected throughout the building.

You can also personalise your bathroom with images or patterned splashbacks. Mirrored splashbacks are a great option for bathrooms and work well above vanity units. Our new range is a twist on the classic mirror splashback with ice cracked design and liquid mirror design.

Whatever design you have in mind get in touch with us on 01942 389 554 to have your bathroom splashback panels designed, supplied and installed.