The Benefits of Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

kitchen glass splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are our speciality and there are so many benefits to them, particularly in kitchens, which is why we love them so much! Kitchen glass splashbacks serve a purpose as well as having design qualities, which makes them a popular choice with our customers. The versatility of glass splashbacks can give your kitchen a range of different looks and they have a variety of practical functions too. Here are just some of the qualities of our glass kitchen splashbacks!

Heat Resistance

One of the most important features of your kitchen glass splashback is how resistant it is to heat. Particularly in kitchens where temperatures are high, it’s important that your worktops and surfaces don’t get damaged when in contact with heat. Luckily, our glass splashbacks are toughened and heat resistant up to 400°C which means you can be cooking for hours at high temperatures and your glass splashbacks will not crack under the pressure.

Stain Resistance

The kitchen can be a messy place with cooking spillages, messy little ones, and after party mess, so having surfaces that doesn’t require much cleaning and are easy to wipe down is a welcome addition! Our glass splashbacks are sleek and smooth, making them super easy to clean!

Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

sparkle splashbacks

If you’re looking to make your kitchen bigger, you may be surprised to know that glass splashbacks could achieve this. We have a range of coloured and patterned splashbacks that are great for injecting space and light into your kitchen. Our sparkle splashbacks have light reflecting particles and our mirrored splashbacks give the illusion of a bigger kitchen.

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

One of the greatest things about our splashbacks is their versatility. You can create any look you desire in a huge range of colours and patterns, you can even add your own image to our splashbacks!

From sizing to fitting and design, our whole splashback service is bespoke to you. To have your own heat resistant, stain resistant, light reflecting and bespoke kitchen glass splashbacks, all you have to do is give us a call on 01942 389 554 or try our free online quotation.