All the benefits of kitchen glass splashbacks

the best kitchen glass splashbacks in the UK

Add some style to your kitchen

Are you the designated cook in your house and spend hours on end in your kitchen daily? Well if you are we have got a solution to bring some style and colour so you can have a more enjoyable time in your kitchen. Our solution is kitchen glass splashbacks.

Kitchen glass splashbacks are in popular demand; a demand that continues to increase and this is down to all the benefits that come with coloured glass splashbacks for kitchens. You don’t have to limit yourself as to where you get your kitchen glass splashback as they are suitable for worktops and cookers.

A coloured glass splashback for kitchens will bring a new sense of style and life to your home. The great thing about our glass splashbacks in the UK is that they are unique to every individual, they are made to order and this is one main reason why kitchen glass splashbacks are so special and bespoke.


How kitchen glass splashbacks will benefit you

Enough of the chit chat, we know you’re here for one reason and one reason only and that is to find out the benefits of kitchen glass splashbacks so let’s jump straight into it and see the advantages that come with our glass splashbacks in the UK.

As your kitchen is where all the cooking happens at times it is going to get messy and that’s why kitchen glass splashbacks are great because they are super easy to clean, not only this but because of the glass used and the ease of cleaning it creates a more hygienic environment in your kitchen which is really important when working around food.

You could spend all day preparing a meal, operating the hot stove being exposed to heat the entire time, you may get hot and feel like you’re melting but something that won’t be affected at all is your kitchen glass splashback. Colours won’t fade or change and the shape of the splashback will stay the same, our glass splashbacks in the UK are completely heat resistant.

When choosing your kitchen glass splashback you might find yourself stuck for colour choice because we offer so many! We have thousands of colours to choose from from the leading brands. With having a bespoke coloured splashback in your kitchen this will give your home a luxury look which everyone will notice instantly and envy when they walk into your kitchen.

Kitchen glass splashbacks are one of the best wall protections around. As our glass splashbacks in the UK are 6mm thick, they are a solid piece of glass which will protect your walls from any damage and stains.

The final benefit of coloured glass splashbacks for kitchens comes down to the strength and endurance of the glass. With all our splashbacks the glass is toughened and polished before completion in order to create the best finish and ensure the glass is as strong as possible and fit for purpose. Kitchen glass splashbacks will last much longer than your average worktops or tiles in the kitchen so they truly are worth the investment both instantly and in the long run.


We’re ready to fit your kitchen glass splashback

You know our company, you know the benefits and now you should want a coloured glass splashback for your kitchen.

Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK will be there to help and support you from start to finish, so whether you need help choosing the best splashback for you or you need our professional help to measure and fit the splashback we will be there to provide you with our expert services.

Treat yourself, treat your kitchen, contact Sprayed Glass Splashbacks now for all services, wants and needs with glass splashbacks in the UK.