Cooker and Kitchen Sink Splashbacks

Kitchen sink splashbacks

The cooking and washing areas of the kitchen are the most used and with cooking oils and food particles staining the walls you need something that protects them, looks good and can be easily cleaned. The main purpose of splashbacks is to do just that, as they resist stains and allow you to keep a clean and tidy space in these areas. You can also be creative with your design and use cooker and kitchen sink splashbacks to add colour and pattern.

Here are some of the benefits of installing splashbacks to your cooker and sink areas.


Stain and Heat Resistant

We use the cooker and sink areas multiple times a day, which is messy business. Food stains splash about, ruining your lovely painted walls, so it’s important to have something that is waterproof and resistant to staining to protect your decor. Cooker and kitchen sink splashbacks are the perfect solution! Our splashbacks are made from toughened glass which is stain resistant and heat resistant up to 4000C. This means the glass won’t crack when put under high heated pressure and stains can be easily wiped away each time you cook and wash dishes.


Add Colour and Pattern to Your Kitchen

Add colours and patterns to your kitchen

If your kitchen is looking rather drab and could do with being spruced up, cooker and kitchen sink splashbacks are the easiest way to do this. You can forget about having to do heavy DIY work and completely covering your kitchen in colour and pattern, all the while spending a fortune. Instead you can simply add a splashback, which will create a big impact in the kitchen. All of our splashbacks are bespoke so you have complete control over the design. If you have a favourite colour, pattern or even image we can display these beautifully on your cooker and kitchen sink splashbacks. You can provide the image yourself, or, if you prefer, we can source the image for you. Splashbacks are a great way of being creative with design and will certainly brighten and transform the look and feel of your kitchen. 


Affordable, Quality Splashbacks

We make our splashbacks from quality materials which are also affordable. We don’t compromise on quality, as we believe everyone should be able to have beautiful splashbacks in their home no matter their budget. Splashbacks can make a huge difference to the look of a kitchen or bathroom, which is why we know how great affordable prices can be.


Book Your Cooker and Kitchen Sink Splashbacks Today!

We not only manufacture beautiful splashbacks, we also provide expert installation so you can sit back and relax and see your kitchen transform before your eyes! Splashbacks are the simplest way to improve the appearance of your kitchen and protect from cooking spillages. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your design options by calling us on 01942 389 554.