Why You Should Choose Us For Glass Splashbacks

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If you’re looking to add a special touch to your kitchen with glass splashbacks, we suggest you don’t look any further than us here at Sprayed Splashbacks. We understand that your home is precious to you, so choosing the right company to update your kitchen is important. If the images of our past work installing glass splashbacks aren’t enough proof of our ability and passion, we have plenty more reasons why we think we’re the perfect choice for splashbacks in the UK!

Quality Materials

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When choosing to have glass splashbacks installed in your kitchen, you want to ensure that the materials used both suit the look that you’ve been dreaming of and fit their purpose in terms of functionality.

Our splashbacks are created using quality materials. They’re 6mm thick, toughened, and polished to achieve a high gloss finish. Our quality materials are the perfect complement to a modern kitchen, so if this is the look that you’re going for, we’re right up your street.

It’s important that you’re investing in durable and strong glass splashbacks particularly for kitchens where temperatures are high. The glass that we use for our splashbacks is impact and heat resistant up to 4000C, which is particularly useful for cooker splashbacks that are regularly exposed to high cooking temperatures.

Original And Unique Designs

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What makes us stand out from our competition is that we’re constantly looking for new ways to make our designs unique and bespoke to you. We understand that many people like to make their home personal by adding unique touches throughout so we offer the option to personalise your glass splashbacks with images of your choice. So if you have a photo or design that you want displayed proudly in your kitchen, we can help make it a reality!

Whatever pattern or colour, we can supply it. Our designs consist of brightly coloured splashbacks, sparkle splashbacks, mirrored splashbacks, metallic splashbacks, and many other varieties. Take a look at our new unique range of splashbacks here.

Expert Fitting Service

mirrored tv enclosure

Every home is different and so not only is our design service bespoke, our measuring and fitting service is also bespoke. Each glass splashback we install is made to measure so we can achieve the perfect fit and a sleek finished look. We also take into consideration any cut outs, notches, wall sockets, and switches.

Our team are experts in fitting glass splashbacks and have installed many different types of splashbacks over the years. As you can see, our expertise doesn’t stop at kitchens and bathrooms, we can turn our hand to anything such as installing a beautiful TV and fire mirrored enclosure like the one above.

Domestic And Commercial Glass Splashbacks

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We not only specialise in bathroom and kitchen splashbacks in the home, we can also apply our expertise to renovating commercial buildings with beautiful glass splashbacks. We can improve the look of your office kitchen or bathroom, or if you have a unique idea for your glass splashback, simply get in touch we’ll see if we can deliver on it!

Our mirrored splashback range is perfect for businesses like hairdressers and beauty salons, giving a sophisticated and professional look to your business.

Affordable Glass Splashbacks

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For this level of quality, design, and expertise, you might expect excessive prices, but not with Sprayed Splashbacks! We aim to create unique, quality glass splashbacks at affordable prices so that everyone can achieve their dream home no matter their budget.

We have competitive prices and often have promotions available, so keep your eyes on our social media pages for upcoming offers and events!

If you need any more convincing that we’re a leading provider of glass splashbacks in the UK, simply give us a call on 01942 389 554​ to chat to a professional and experienced member of our team. We’d love to hear from you!