The Versatility of Customisable Coloured Glass Splashbacks

multi coloured glass splashbacks

The look of your kitchen is an important element in its success as a room. You may have a practical kitchen with all of the latest equipment but if the look of your kitchen is not right it is hard to enjoy it. There are so many aesthetic benefits to injecting colour into your kitchen, but colours also work to change the mood and temperature in your home. If you’ve kept your kitchen simple with plain walls and cupboards, add colour with our coloured glass splashbacks.

Here are some of the benefits of adding coloured glass splashbacks as a feature in your kitchen.

Lift The Room’s Mood

The kitchen is a place where you will spend a lot of your time, from dinners to parties and family gatherings, and it’s one of the first rooms you visit every morning so it’s important to get the tone right to set your mood off to a great start!

Colour is the perfect way to do this. Colour is vital in determining our mood, with darker colours usually associated with lowering it while brighter colours are more likely to be uplifting.

bright kitchen splashbacks

We have a wide array of colours to choose from, so maybe you have a particular colour in mind that always brightens your mood or you may want colours that are typically associated with positivity such as yellows and greens. Whatever colour you settle on, we’re certain to have the colour available in our quality glass splashbacks.

Change The Temperature Of Your Kitchen

In any room, colour is the best way of achieving the right tonal temperature. Certain colours can cool a room’s aesthetic or add warmth.

Darker, fiery colours such as reds and oranges can help to warm a room’s palette so, if your kitchen is feeling a little chilly, try adding a touch of warmth with red or orange coloured glass splashbacks.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to cool your kitchen’s vibe go for lighter, brighter colours as shown in the image below. Colours associated with the outdoors such as cool blues, greens and violets are perfect for adding a cool touch. Blue splashbacks paired with white kitchen units is a particularly nice combination!

light kitchen splashback

Light and dark colours can also change the perceived size of your kitchen and add brightness if there is limited natural light. For small spaces with few windows, add bright and light shades of colour to give the appearance of a bigger and brighter space.

Add Your Own Personality  

Splashbacks are also a great way of experimenting with design and showing off your personality. Your choice of colour says a lot about your personality so make sure this is reflected in your kitchen design.

bold glass kitchen splashback

For a bold look use bright colours or even mix several for an eclectic coloured glass splashback. If you’re looking for something more subdued and like simplicity, opt for shades that are on the lighter, more subtle side.

No matter how your personality influences your kitchen design, our coloured glass splashbacks are a way of adding interest and transforming an ordinary room into something spectacular. Create a focal point like the one above and you’re sure to have your guests in awe!

Bespoke Coloured Glass Splashbacks

All of our splashbacks are made exactly how you’d like, from design to colour and size, it’s all customisable. Colour is the perfect way to make your kitchen your own so whether you block, clash, or combine colours, we’re certain we can achieve your desired look.

Inject colour into your kitchen by calling our experts at Sprayed Glass Splashbacks on 01942 389 554 today!