Coloured glass splashbacks come in every shade

Our coloured glass splashbacks

What colour will you be choosing?

Red glass splashbacks and blue glass splashbacks are amongst our biggest sellers but did you know that we can supply coloured glass splashbacks in an almost infinite array of shades, not to mention splashbacks displaying almost any pattern or image of your choice?

When it comes to coloured glass splashbacks you are limited only by your imagination!

We have two standard colour palettes to choose from – Ral Classic and BS 4800.

You’ll find a wide range of colour options available from these two palettes alone, which can both be viewed on the splashbacks page of our website.

As we mentioned above, red glass splashbacks and blue glass splashbacks are amongst our biggest sellers but that doesn’t mean that everyone is getting the same thing.

There are many shades of red glass splashbacks available, for example and as well as being able to select from our standard ranges you can also request a colour match to any shade of your choosing.

Would you like your coloured glass splashbacks to be an exact match to the shade of paint you have chosen for your kitchen? It can be a striking look and can be perfectly achieved.

Simply type the name of your paint into the custom colour match box on our website and we’ll find it for you.

Coloured glass splashbacks and worktops

We don’t just sell custom designed coloured glass splashbacks.

The thick, hard wearing glass that we custom produce in the colour of your choice can also be formed into the most practical and long lasting worktops on the market.

There is no longer any need to spend ages searching for worktops or tiles the perfect colour for your kitchen.

Now, as soon as you decide on a colour you can simply request it from us.

We will custom measure, produce and fit coloured glass splashbacks and/or worktops for you in a matter of weeks.

So whether you want pillar box red glass splashbacks from our standard colour chart or a custom shade to seamlessly match your ‘sunset over Barbados redish pink’ paint, we can make them a reality.

Contact us today to book your at home appointment at a time that is convenient for you.