Brightening Your Home With Splashbacks

coloured splashbacks for kitchens

Does your kitchen need a refresh? In summer, as the light streams in through your windows, it can highlight just how beautiful your space is or, on the flip side, it can show up every little chip, stain and job that needs doing! Does that second one sound familiar? If these lovely sunny days are highlighting just how drab your kitchen has become, one of the most simple, elegant and long lasting ways to brighten the place up is with coloured splashbacks for kitchens.

We’d like to tell you a little bit about the process of buying coloured splashbacks for kitchens and how they can be used to best effect.

Deciding on coloured splashbacks for kitchens

made to measure coloured splashbacks

Our glass splashbacks are a one time purchase. Made to measure from toughened glass and fitted by experts, they can last a lifetime, never chipping or dulling despite daily use. If you would like to refresh your kitchen then they are a very practical way to do that. The main decision is what colour or design to go for, because this is a purchase you will live with for a long time. Fortunately we have experts on hand to assist.

We sell an almost never ending range of patterned, textured and coloured splashbacks for kitchens, bathrooms and really anywhere else around the home or office. However, our best sellers are by far coloured splashbacks for kitchens. We can colour match your paint, if you would like consistency throughout your room, or we can supply splashbacks in a contrasting shade to add contrast and colour to a space.

All of our splashbacks are made to measure, so whether you want to cover just an area behind your hob, or you would like to run toughened glass around the length of your sideboards to protect your walls, you can do that too. We’ll measure up for you – an optional service that is advisable for most people – and we’ll take design features, such as plug sockets, into account so that your splashbacks fit snugly and seamlessly.

The best way to brighten your kitchen with splashbacks

Patterned splashback by Sprayed Glass Splashbacks

If you’ve made the decision to contact us about splashbacks for your kitchen you probably have a few ideas already, so write them down and discuss them with our team. If you have seen pictures on our gallery that you like, or even pictures anywhere on the internet of kitchen colour schemes that inspire you, you can show them to us and ask our advice.

We will be happy to show you examples of past work that we’ve done and help you to plan your purchase. If you have artwork or any other design that you would like to incorporate into your kitchen then behind your hob is a great place to add this practical, striking design feature.

Whatever you’re thinking, we’re confident of being able to meet your needs and we’re here on hand anytime you need us. Book us to come out and take measurements by calling 01942 389 554 and your custom made glass splashbacks could be with you before you know it. By the end of summer, you will enjoy seeing light stream in to your gleaming new-look kitchen!