Design Your Own Kitchen with Sprayed Glass Splashbacks in 2017

Why not design your own kitchen with us?

A Unique Design Just for you

Now the tree has come down and your home has returned to normal, are you looking toward the year ahead and planning to make some changes to your space, ones that allow you to design your own kitchen?

If your new year’s resolution is to get rid of your old, tired suit and design your own kitchen this year then we can be of assistance.

Don’t Spend Hours Shopping for Tiles; Create your own Kitchen Splashback Designs!

It used to be that you’d shop around the DIY stores, or commission joiners – planning out the design of your own kitchen meticulously with the help of professionals – only to be left at the end with the job of shopping around for tiles that match your chosen cupboards and worktops.

Perhaps you even settled for tiles that you weren’t quite happy with last time around and have regretted it ever since.

Well those days are over.

Our sprayed glass splashbacks are available in thousands of colours, not to mention in any design you want.

Now you can design your own kitchen the way you want it, safe in the knowledge that you can have any kitchen splashback designs, anyway you choose.

What Kitchen Splashback Designs are Available?

If you opt for sprayed glass splashbacks when you design your own kitchen, you really can select from the widest possible range of options.

All of our sprayed glass splashbacks are made from specially toughened glass, making them completely safe and hard wearing, as well as wipe-clean and incredibly hygienic.

You can choose a solid colour of your choice, from the thousands we have available to match flawlessly with the design of your own kitchen, whether that be new or pre-existing.

Colour selected, you can then opt for a glitter or clear glass finish, to give the place a touch of sparkle if you so desire.

Add a glass splashback design to your own kitchen

If you plan to design your own kitchen and want something that will really set your room apart, why not have a custom pattern, or even photograph worked into your kitchen splashback designs?

We provide a simple, practical and hugely effective way to work patterns and artwork into your kitchen.

Our specialists are here to advise, so if you have an idea for a design or image that you would like us to work into your kitchen, simply give us a call or send us an email and arrange your free consultation.