Will You be Opting for a Digital Printed Splashback in 2017?

our digital printed splashbacks

Digitally Printed Glass Splashbacks to Personalise Your Space

Whether you choose single colour or digital printed splashbacks you will find that they make a striking addition to your kitchen and create a real talking point.

However, if your goal is to really personalise your space then custom digital printed splashbacks are definitely the way to go.

What Are Digital Printed Splashbacks?

An increasing number of people are coming to us for digital printed splashbacks for their kitchens.

As opposed to opting for a single colour for their splashbacks, from the range of thousands that we have available, we also offer the option of having images or patterns of your choice digital printed onto glass splashbacks.

This option allows people to have everything from family photographs to artistic patterns incorporated into the very design of their kitchen.

Artistic Printed Splashbacks for Kitchens

Most kitchens don’t afford much space for the incorporation or artwork.

You can’t put anything in a position where it might get too hot or too damp, for fear of damage and you certainly wouldn’t want any artwork getting splashed with fat or sauce from your pans.

Digital printed splashbacks offer a fantastically practical solution to this problem.

They look great and they work one-of-a-kind artwork right into your kitchen.

Digitally printed glass splashbacks are made in exactly the same way as any of our other splashbacks, so they are hard wearing, hygienic toughened glass that will protect your walls, wipe clean and last for years.

You can choose to have a pattern or scene run the entire length of your kitchen, or simply opt to have one area – such as the wall behind your hob – incorporate digital printed splashbacks, then select a complementary colour for the splashbacks that line your counter tops.

What Images and Patterns Work with Digital Printed Splashbacks?

Images need to be high resolution in order to print to a high quality, so that is the main thing to keep in mind when making your selection.

You can provide us with your own artwork or, if you have an idea but don’t have a picture or pattern to go with it, we can source one for you.

If you have a concept in mind for your digitally printed glass splashbacks give us a call or send us an email anytime and we will be happy to discuss it with you.