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Welcome to the world of Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK

If you don’t already know we are Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK, a specialist company when it comes to supplying and installing sprayed glass splashbacks in the UK. We want to let you know all about our business and all about what we can do for you.

Our company has been specialising in coloured glass splashbacks for many years now, 15 to be precise. With so many years of experience we know all there is to know when it comes to glass splashbacks in the UK.

We will provide you with quality results with your sprayed glass splashback, giving you the best possible finish for your new bespoke piece of glass artwork. Each and everyone of our coloured glass splashbacks are unique to all our individual customers as all of our glass splashbacks in the UK are made as and when they are ordered. This is to make sure we get the perfect match for what you want.


Our sprayed glass splashbacks will have you amazed

At Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK we have a wide range to choose from, in both colours and services. There are many options as to where you could have a coloured glass splashback but trust us when we tell you that no matter where your sprayed glass splashback goes it will be adding a very special touch.

We know you may have your heart set on a certain colour for your splashback and that’s ok, it’s no problem at all here at Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK. Our standard colour range is from the leading brands of Ral and BS4800 however we have our custom range where you will find the colour you’ve been set on by simply searching for it and customising your coloured glass splashbacks yourself.

As we have already discussed, the options are endless for where you can have coloured glass splashbacks fitted but let’s just take a look at some of the areas we can cater to.

  • Kitchen Glass Splashbacks
  • Cooker Splashbacks
  • Bathroom Splashbacks
  • Commercial Work
  • Worktop Splashbacks

These are just 5 of the many products and services we can supply for, to see everything we are capable of visit our website.


What makes our splashbacks so special?  

The thing about our splashbacks that makes them so special is not just because they are unique to every individual, there is more to it than this.

For our splashbacks we only use the finest glass which is then toughened and polished to ensure the durability and strength of the sprayed glass splashbacks. Another key factor about the glass that makes it most suitable for the splashbacks is the thickness of it, all of our glass is 6mm thick which also goes towards the strength and durability of the colour glass splashbacks.

By using this specific type of glass and going through the process of toughening and polishing it you are ensured the best finish for your splashback and it will last much longer than any other piece of glass would for a sprayed glass splashback.


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We think you now know all there is to know about us and what we do but for any more information or for your glass splashbacks in the UK, we are just a click away.

Our team of professionals are on hand waiting to help you with all aspects of your sprayed glass splashbacks from start to finish.