Glass splashbacks colours to suit every office environment

Business glass splashbacks colours

Will you add a splash of colour to your business?

Our different glass splashbacks colours and printed glass splashbacks aren’t just for the kitchen.

If you’re looking for a long lasting way to create an eye catching display on the wall of your office, reception or boardroom, our commercial splashbacks could be just the thing.

As the financial year draws to a close and the last of the budget needs to be spent, there has never been a better time to invest in glass splashbacks in the colour of your choice.

Uses for commercial splashbacks

The name of the product – splashback – can lead people to think that its uses are limited to areas where splashes would otherwise be problematic, such as the kitchen and utility room.

While glass splashbacks are, of course, invaluable in these scenarios we also fit lots of them in commercial settings.

In many of these instances their function is purely aesthetic but of course toughened glass can also protect walls from marks and scratches.

Glass splashbacks colour options are almost infinite, meaning that we can create commercial splashbacks that match your branding exactly.

They are wipe clean and highly practical for the office environment.

For example, you can stick cellotape or blu tack to them as often as you like without worrying that peeling it off will cause damage.

You can even write on your splashbacks with some kinds of wipe clean pens, meaning they can be used as a handy noticeboard.

Printed glass splashbacks colours and options

As well as many, many glass splashback colour choices, we can also produce bespoke printed glass splashbacks with logos, photographs or designs on, making hard wearing, practical and highly affordable custom artwork a distinct possibility.

This time of year, with the budget cycle drawing to a close, we always install more commercial splashbacks than ever, as people investigate the many options and possibilities of glass splashbacks – colours, prints, shapes and even unusual applications.

Glass splashbacks can be made to fit almost any size and shape, taking into account cutouts for things like power outlets.

Our templators take all the necessary measurements and our teams returns to install the splashbacks so the process is easy and the uses and styles really are limited only by your imagination.

To discuss glass splashback colour options, styles, uses and more, contact us at any time.

We will be happy to assist.
There is still time to get your order placed before the end of the financial year and brighten up your workplace with unique and practical glassware.