Why Use Our Template and Fitting Service?

Expert glass splashback fitters in Lancashire

Considering glass splashbacks but worried about measuring up and handling the glass yourself? That is exactly what our glass splashback fitters are here for. We offer a low cost templating and fitting service to ensure that your experience of buying glass splashbacks goes as smoothly as possible.

Our templating service

Sprayed Splashbacks template and fitting service

Our team of glass splashback fitters is made up of experienced industry professionals. They are just as experienced in measuring up for splashbacks as they are at installing them and that’s pretty important. Here’s why.

All of our glass splashbacks are custom made to perfectly fit your space. Of course, the perfect fit can only be achieved with the help of flawless measurements. We take into account the quirks of your kitchen, we cut out exact shapes for plug sockets, light switches and anything else that adorns your walls and we do it all to produce the best quality, longest lasting splashback solution that money can buy.

Of course, if you decide not to go for our templating service, that’s entirely up to you but you need to be certain that your measurements are exact. A plug socket hole that’s out by just 1cm can render your splashbacks unable to be fitted. Can you handle the pressure?

Most people decide not to take on the job themselves. Our splashbacks last for a long, long time without showing any signs of wear and tear, so the chances are that they could be a once in a lifetime purchase. When you consider that our templating service costs just £100, or a one-off fee of £170 for templating and fitting, it’s a small price to pay to be able to hand the hassle over to the pros, then sit back and watch the job get done for you.

There are added benefits to having our glass splashback fitters come and do your templating as well. While they’re in your home measuring you can benefit from their many years of experience by picking their brains about design ideas and looking at photographs of previous jobs!

Have your splashbacks professionally installed by expert glass splashback fitters

Getting our glass splashback fitters in to template and fit your splashbacks saves you money on both services. It also provides you with complete peace of mind.

Our splashbacks are made from heat proof, toughened glass. Once in place they are going nowhere and, with just a quick wipe over, will remain as good as new for a long time, providing a completely hygienic, great looking solution. Of course, they are still made of glass, which brings its own unique fitting challenges. Unless you are a professional, our expert fitting service is hugely advisable.

Loading and unloading, fitting and securing your glass splashbacks could all be taken care of for you, leaving you with a fantastic looking space that is as clean and tidy as it was when we arrived!

Sound good? Contact us today by calling 01942 389 554 for a free, no obligation quotation or to book our templating service and start the journey towards getting your own sprayed glass splashbacks.