Glass Splashbacks: The Solution For A Clean Kitchen

glass splashback panels

Are you a house proud person who likes their home to be spotless and pristine at all times? Or maybe you simply just want to minimise the mess that occurs regularly in the kitchen. It’s an endless cycle trying to keep the kitchen clean and tidy, and frustrating for those who hate the slightest bit of mess.

With cooking spillages, grease stains, and anything else that can find its way on to your perfectly painted walls, it seems an impossible task keeping a clean and tidy kitchen. Your decor can be easily ruined by cooking stains in the kitchen, and these stains can be hard to remove. We’re sure you’d jump at the chance of a solution to this problem, and we happen to have it – glass splashback panels!

Easy clean glass splashback panels

Covering your walls with a material that is resistant to stains is the perfect solution to keeping those cooking stains at bay. One of the main purposes of installing kitchen splashback panels is to protect walls and surfaces from cooking spillages and stains. The toughened glass material of our kitchen splashback panels allow you to remove mess in one swipe and all of our glass splashbacks are stain resistant so you don’t even have to worry about cleaning right after cooking.

Glass is easy to clean but you may be wondering how resistant it is to damage! Here at Sprayed Glass Splashbacks we only use quality toughened glass which is impact and heat resistant up to 4000C, meaning they’re essentially immune to scratches or burns.

Splashbacks improve the cleanliness and look of your kitchen

It’s important to keep a hygienic space in the kitchen and glass splashbacks allow you to remove bacteria and germs easily. Not only this, kitchen splashback panels look great too! They not only make your kitchen look spotless and pristine, they can act as a beautiful and interesting feature in your home.

custom glass splashbacks

We create unique splashback designs to make your kitchen bespoke. From plain coloured splashback to patterns, luxury metallic tones, sparkle, and custom images, you can be creative as you like when it comes to choosing your glass splashback panels.

A glass splashback is well worth having in your home, saving you the time and effort you’re used to cleaning the regular kitchen mess.

If you would like glass splashback panels fitted in your home give Sprayed Glass Splashbacks a call on 01942 389 554.