Glass splashbacks for businesses

this could be your glass splashbacks for businesses

There not just for your home!

OK, so when it comes to your work environment, you probably haven’t thought much about how it looks; it’s just a place that you go, do your thing, and look forward to getting home. However, if you have your own business, we can’t stress the importance of making sure that aesthetically, it looks great, and glass splashbacks for business are a great way to go about it.

Why are they a good option?

  • They can be changed at a cost that isn’t through the roof, without you having to redecorate the whole of the room.
  • You can have custom pieces printed – bring your logo into any room you wish
  • They aren’t just exclusively for the kitchen – you can carry your branding into the public bathroom areas so that your clients know exactly where they are.

There are many benefits of glass splashbacks for business, and as total advocates of having chic, clean and professional splashbacks fitted, we want to sing from the rooftops about how much of a plus they are to your business!

Why is a glass splashback for businesses so great?

We know we might sound like we are going on and on about something that just isn’t that important to you, but we firmly believe that the devil is in the detail and finishing touches such as splashbacks all work in your favour to make you look like a professional, established business.

We cover the whole UK – so we can help you no matter where you are, and off a comprehensive collection of business splashbacks in the UK.

Our company can create glass splashbacks for businesses that are specially printed to suit your branding, as well as show off your logo. You don’t just have to have your splashbacks in the kitchen – they look great in the bathroom and if you choose to have splashbacks that have your logo emblazoned on them, any clients that pay your premises a visit will be in no doubt as to where they are, no matter where they turn; just one of the many benefits of glass splashbacks for businesses.

All of our glass is of the highest quality and our professionalism and expertise allows you to be left with a splashback with a gorgeous finish; all glass is 6mm thick and toughened for safety, so your public liability insurance will cover you having these in place.

Can I design my own splashback?

Absolutely! We have plenty of colours available from the likes of Farrow and Ball and Dulux, all of which can be matched to blend in perfectly with your company branding, creating the perfect glass splashback for businesses.  

Just look at what we can do – there are so many options to choose from for glass splashbacks for businesses, you won’t know where to start!

We also have a wide collection of images that form part of our portfolio, giving you plenty of choice as to what you have! Do you want to add your own image to your splashback? That’s fine! We love working on bespoke jobs and helping you to bring the vision of your business interior to life – just submit your image and leave the rest to our professionals when it comes to business splashbacks in the UK.