Glass Splashbacks for Bathrooms

glass splashbacks for bathrooms

Sprayed glass splashbacks are a fantastic addition to any bathroom. The same properties that make them infinitely practical in the kitchen translate perfectly to the other room in the house where splashes and drips are a constant. Here’s why glass splashbacks for bathrooms are the perfect addition to your home.

Using Glass Splashbacks for Bathrooms

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that glass splashbacks are just for use in the kitchen. The properties of our sprayed glass splashbacks are:

  • wipe clean glazing – ideal for any room in the home where there are surfaces that regularly get wet
  • toughened glass – incredibly safe for all the family and remains like new for a very, very long time
  • no grout – glass splashbacks for bathrooms can be fitted without the need for grouting which makes them a far superior choice to the alternative of tiles
  • infinite colours and patterns available – to match perfectly, add contrast or even create a dramatic effect

No more grouting

While the whole host of benefits listed above make glass splashbacks ideal for bathrooms, the thing that we hear over and over from our customers is that the biggest selling point is that splashbacks are fitted without grout.

While grouting can stay clean for a relatively long time in the kitchen, the steamy atmosphere of the bathroom can lead to even the most modern of decors losing its lustre relatively quickly, all because the grouting gets grubby. And we all know that it’s near impossible to return dirty grouting to a like-new state.

Enter glass splashbacks for bathrooms. They sit flush together and remain watertight without the need for grout. Simply wipe clean with a cloth (or scrape dry with a squeegee for that super sparkling effect) and you’re done. Nothing to redo. Like new for years. Heat proof, scratch proof and chip proof, your glass splashbacks for bathrooms won’t let you down.

Fitting glass splashbacks in your bathroom

You can use glass splashbacks in your bathroom anywhere where you might, more traditionally, use tiling. Often people choose to fit them floor to ceiling along an entire wall, or inside their shower cubicle. They protect your walls from moisture and can be produced to any size specification you need, taking the building’s fixtures and features into account.

Thanks to our templating service you can book us to come to your house and do all of the measuring up for you, then return to expertly fit your bathroom splashbacks. All you need to do is decide on the look you want and give us a call.

Choose from literally thousands of colour shades, use any image of pattern that takes your fancy or browse our premium range to add a dramatic effect to your space, with the use of mirrors, colours and textures.

Not sure what look to go for? Contact our team on 01942 389 554 who will be happy to help and advise you.