Spruce Up Your Kitchen for The Festive Season

glitter splashbacks Lancashire

We’re already getting into the swing of the festive season and if you’re a regular party host during this time of year you’ve probably already started planning and decorating your home. If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen (the main gathering area of any party) and impress your guests, simple decorations just won’t cut it! We suggest you have splashbacks installed to quickly and effectively transform the look of your kitchen, and glitter splashbacks are perfect for the party season.

Glitter splashbacks

sparkle glass splashbacks

Our luxury splashbacks are a guaranteed way of adding a party vibe and making your whole kitchen appear brighter. Glitter splashbacks consist of a layering of textured metallic flakes that come in a variety of bright colours, we’re sure we’ll have the perfect colour to suit the rest of your decor. This layering is applied to 6mm of toughened, highly durable and heat resistant glass so they’re a practical splashback as well as an attractive feature.

Glitter splashbacks have light reflecting particles which work to make the room appear bigger and brighter. They will certainly be a talking point at the Christmas party, they’re an interesting feature and a focal point in any kitchen.

Glitter splashbacks aren’t just for Christmas

Although glitter splashbacks look particularly special during the festive season, they’re a great addition to the home all year round. Adding colour, glamour, brightness and interest, as well as practically keeping your walls protected from stains, glitter splashbacks are a must in your kitchen.  

Whether you choose to have a glitter splashback installed just above your cooker or go all out with full kitchen sparkle splashbacks you will see an amazing transformation as soon as we install the splashback.

Opting for the experts at Sprayed Splashbacks to install your glitter splashbacks is the most hassle-free option, which is exactly what you need during the busy Christmas period. Get in touch today by calling 01942 389 554 to have your splashbacks installed in time for Christmas!