Act Fast to Get Perfect Kitchen Décor for Christmas

Splashbacks make the perfect kitchen decor for Christmas

Get Kitchen Décor for Christmas Before It’s Too Late

There isn’t much time left to act on our great pre-Christmas deals, so if you want your kitchen glass splashbacks at our best prices, installed before the end of 2016, you must book your appointment soon; it will make the perfect kitchen décor for Christmas!

Kitchen Wall Décor with Purpose

Kitchen glass splashbacks are the best kitchen décor for Christmas because they have the added bonuses of being highly functional and super long lasting. Great idea at any time of year, they provide a splash of colour (pardon the pun) and a high quality finish while also protecting your walls from grease and spills.

There really is no better time to give your kitchen a revamp than prior to the festive season, when it will likely see more action than ever. We don’t often think much about kitchen décor for Christmas but the place will be filled with turkey and sweet treats, which means it will also be filled with people! What better way to show off the heart of your home than by injecting some colour, sparkle or even a pattern of your choice into the space before the family descends?

Want Your Kitchen Décor for Christmas Guaranteed?

If you do hope to have some great looking and functional kitchen wall décor in place before Christmas now is the time to call us. There are two important cut off dates coming up in the next week.

  1. Order by the 27th November to take advantage of our November promotions AND guarantee pre-Christmas fitting
  2. Order before the 30th November and you can still take advantage of our offers BUT you may not have your kitchen décor for Christmas, as bookings made next week will likely be scheduled for the new year

Protected Kitchen Walls, Decorated to Perfection

Tinsel and fairy lights may not be a great idea when it comes to kitchen décor for Christmas but that doesn’t mean that you can’t brighten the place up. Installing sprayed glass splashbacks can give a tired kitchen a real lift.

If you have tiling over your hob and counter tops right now, it may be that the grout is beginning to look a little aged and the silicone has become discoloured. If you have to look at that every day you will start to feel fed up with your kitchen but before investing in a completely new suite, ask yourself whether jazzing up those walls with the sleek, durable and modern finish of glass could give you back your love for your room.

If you think it could, contact us now for a free consultation. Act before the 27th to get your stylish, practical kitchen décor before Christmas.