Kitchen remodel ideas from Sprayed Glass Splashbacks

Our kitchen remodel ideas

Looking for a new design for your kitchen?

If you’re on the cusp of remodeling a kitchen or you’re at the stage of pricing up the cost of a new kitchen, now is the perfect time to get in touch with us at Sprayed Glass Splashbacks and discuss kitchen remodel ideas with our specialists.

Why discuss your kitchen remodel ideas with us?

We don’t sell kitchen cupboards. We’re not kitchen fitters. On those fronts we are entirely impartial and, at the same time, very much aware of what’s available and what’s possible in our industry at the moment. These facts alone make us great people to speak to about your kitchen remodeling ideas.

Then of course there is the fact that glass splashbacks are such a versatile solution. You may contact us thinking that you simply want a plain splashback to sit behind your hob but you’ll soon discover that we can also provide:

A stylish, hygienic, durable solution that replaces the need to have tiles anywhere on your kitchen walls.

Beautiful and highly practical artwork for the kitchen, bathroom and wet room.

A vast range of coloured, patterned, high shine, easy to clean toughened glass worktops for the kitchen

We can offer all of these solutions and much more. We urge you to contact us as you’re pricing up the cost of a new kitchen.

Sprayed glass splashbacks can be more cost-effective, not to mention more hygienic and durable, than tiled walls and laminate worktops. It’s always worth finding out what’s possible if you’re remodeling a kitchen.

Challenge us on kitchen remodel ideas

We love a challenge. If you have a vision for your kitchen and you want to know what can be achieved using glass splashbacks then please ask.

You might be surprised.

All of our splashbacks are produced in-house. They can be any size, shape, colour and shade and come complete with virtually any pattern. If you need cut outs or unusual dimensions that is absolutely no problem and we can do all the measuring up for you, so there is no chance of you getting it wrong.

We love to hear from people with creative kitchen remodel ideas. We’re eager to add our own creativity into the mix and, who knows, we could even save you money, in some areas, on the cost of a new kitchen.