Complement Your New Kitchen With Glass Splashbacks

modern kitchen splashback ideas

If you’ve recently had a complete renovation of your kitchen, you may be looking for those little extra touches to really complement your new kitchen. Glass splashbacks are the perfect way of ticking off all those kitchen trends of 2018, from modern colour schemes to interesting textures and materials, our custom glass splashbacks can certainly complement your newly renovated kitchen. So what trends are we seeing in kitchen design over the coming months and how can our kitchen splashback ideas allow you to get involved with these trends?

Colour Clashing Glass Splashback

What better time to go with the bright, colour clashing trend than spring/summer time. This trend will take you through to winter too, but with the sun finally starting to peek through clouds, you can now reflect the brightness of summer in your home design.

modern glass splashback

This trend is all about contrast; the more, the better. If you want to make an impact go with bold colours, don’t hold back! Colours are great for creating ambience in the kitchen, so whether it’s a place just for cooking or for dining and entertaining guests too, colours are a great way to set the mood.

Glass splashbacks are the perfect way to inject a pop of colour into the kitchen. Maybe you wanted to keep your cupboards and worktops subtle and simple but now you’re liking the idea of more colour in the kitchen? Our glass splashbacks are available in so many colours so you’re bound to find your favourite. Be bold and create contrast between the colour of your cupboards and the colour of your splashback like in the image above. This splashback completely transforms what would have been an ordinary kitchen and makes it unique and modern.

Another way to colour clash with glass splashbacks is by contrasting wall splashbacks with cooker splashbacks. So if you’re feeling bold and brave, colour clash to your heart’s content!

Textured Glass Splashbacks

As time moves on, trends tend to get more bold and interesting and we are always looking for new and imaginative ways to reflect this with our glass splashbacks. Texture is big in kitchen design right now, so maybe you’ve gone for wood grain worktops or cupboards, but why not go one step further with textured, ice cracked glass splashbacks?

cracked glass splashback

If you’re going to follow a trend don’t do it by halves, we say go all out! Our ice cracked glass splashbacks will instantly add interest to an ordinary kitchen. They are unique, striking and will be a focal point in any kitchen.

Our sparkle glass splashbacks are another way of achieving the textured look in your kitchen whilst adding a touch of luxury.

Metallic Glass Splashbacks

Metallic accents have been a popular choice for a while now and not just in the kitchen. Bronze is a particularly great choice of metal and is used for accessories around the home. Metallic materials will take you right through the seasons, so why not have them as a permanent fixture in your kitchen?

bronze kitchen splashback

If you are wanting to give your kitchen a sophisticated look then a metal splashback might be the way to go. The shimmer and shine of metal will add luxury and opulence to your kitchen. It can instantly modernise your kitchen as well as making it seem bigger and brighter with its reflectivity.

Our Italian range is the ultimate way of following the metallic trend as well as the textured trend, as you can see the slight texture in the bronze glass splashback above adds further interest and is a modern take on metallics.

Personalised Glass Splashbacks

Many people like to make their house a home by adding their own personal touches. Adding photos or personalised signs with your initials printed on them is not enough these days, and can come across as slightly clichéd, so why not incorporate this trend in a unique and bespoke way?

personalised glass splashback

Personalisation could be anything from a family photo, to a meaningful quote or an image of your favourite city or holiday destination. A personalised glass splashback will not only complement your kitchen, it will give you trendsetter status as we’re sure there aren’t many homes with this unique touch.

Here at Sprayed Glass Splashbacks, we can source an image of your choice for you or you can provide us with a personal image. Personalised glass splashbacks are the perfect way to complement your new kitchen.

Choose From Our On-Trend Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Glass splashbacks are a simple way of complementing or contrasting against your newly renovated kitchen. These kitchen splashback ideas add colour, interest, texture, or shine to a sparkling new kitchen with our quality and bespoke glass splashbacks. There are also many other benefits to splashbacks for cookers and kitchen worktops. Simply give us a call on 01942 389 554 or try our free online quotation today!

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