How Mirror Splashbacks Can Improve Your Home

mirror splashbacks

Glass splashbacks can have so many qualities, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. From colourful prints, to your favourite image or quote, splashbacks add individuality to your home. Here at Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK we are always on the lookout for new ways to make our splashbacks more unique, functional and practical. Mirror splashbacks are a new, on-trend way of improving your home and they have so many benefits!

Add Light And Space To A Room

If your kitchen or bathroom has limited light entering it, making it dull and lifeless, then mirror splashbacks are a simple trick to make the room brighter and more vibrant. Mirrors reflect light brilliantly so even if you have a tiny window that lets in minimal light, mirrors will help to reflect it and make the room appear brighter.

This extra amount of light will also open up the room and create the illusion of a bigger space. As you can see in the image above, mirrored splashbacks can make the space in a room seem endless. So, if you have a small kitchen and bathroom and don’t like the idea of huge building costs from renovation work, mirror splashbacks are a simple and affordable way of making your kitchen or bathroom seem bigger.

Give Your Home A Clean, Sleek Look

Mirror splashbacks instantly modernise a room and give it a sleek look. Unlike tiles, there are no crevices for grime and dirt to build up in which means they’re more hygienic for these particular areas of the home. Their smooth and sleek surface means that they can be easily wiped clean so your kitchen or bathroom can look sparkling in an instant! Mirror splashbacks are great for adding glitz and glamour to your home.

New Liquid Mirror Splashbacks!

liquid mirror splashbacks

Why not push the boundaries even further in home decor with splashbacks with a twist. Our new range of hand made liquid mirror splashbacks add an artistic edge and interest to the simple mirror panels. The water effect is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms and these splashbacks can be made in various patterns.

Quality Mirror Splashbacks

Our mirror splashbacks are made from toughened glass and are chip and scratch proof which is great for busy kitchens. So whether you prefer simple, plain mirrored splashbacks or something with more of a design element we’re sure we can create it! Add interest and luxury to your home with mirror splashbacks by calling us today on 01942 389 554 or 07551 155 468.