Get 20% off luxury, liquid, ice cracked and mirrored kitchen splashbacks!

mirrored kitchen splashbacks

To celebrate our new luxury and premium ranges, we are currently offering 20% off all full kitchen orders of any product from these lines. This means all of our mirrored kitchen splashbacks are now discounted! Mirrored splashbacks are proving very popular and they have so many benefits, so now is the perfect time to order your full kitchen mirrored splashbacks.

We’re offering 20% off:

Luxury collection splashbacks

The luxury collection uses layering of brightly coloured metal flakes to create detail and texture – available in 15 different colours.

Mirrored kitchen splashbacks

Mirrored kitchen splashbacks can be used to create the illusion of additional space and to make the most of the light in your room – available in standard silver, tinted grey, tinted bronze and antique.

Italian collection designer splashbacks

This range is distinct due to their use of interesting shades and textures and are created by exclusive European designer glass brands.

Premium collection splashbacks

The premium collection has a natural beauty of crushed minerals in three metallic crystal finishes to create an understated, organic glimmer in your kitchen.

Liquid mirrored kitchen splashbacks

Incorporating liquid patterns, artfully designed by hand to provide a sense of movement and fluidity, while also creating the sense of space that only mirrored kitchen splashbacks can.

Ice cracked splashback

These splashbacks include a pane of cracked glass which is perfectly preserved between layers of resin and toughened glass to create the effect of cracked ice and provides a striking design feature.

Big discounts on full kitchen orders

Full kichen orders sprayed glass splashbacks

Ordering just a small splashback for behind your hob is a relatively minimal outlay, even when you opt for these statement pieces from our new range. However, right now if you opt to line your kitchen cabinets with one of these designs, making yours a full kitchen order, we’ll reward you with a 20% discount on your quotation price.

If you would like an idea of price before you contact us, you can use our online quotation tool for a free estimate. However, if you would like a free quotation for products from our new ranges, including mirrored kitchen splashbacks, premium collection and more, please give us a call on 01942 389 554. Our team will be happy to advise you.

Choosing mirrored kitchen splashbacks for your full kitchen order

Mirrored kitchen splashback full kitchen orders

One thing that many of the designs in our new range have in common is that they reflect the light to some degree. Whether you opt for a colourful sparkling design from our luxury range or an entirely mirrored splashback, all of these highly polished glass splashbacks share the benefit that they allow you to control and play with the light in your room.

There are times when we need a light, bright kitchen and other times when we want soft mood lighting. Whatever effect you’re going for, mirrored kitchen splashbacks will enhance it.

Fully mirrored splashbacks and liquid mirror splashbacks come with the additional benefit of actually making your kitchen appear larger than it is! If you have ever felt that your kitchen is poky, too dark or too narrow, consider mirrored glass splashbacks as a method for creating the illusion of space. Believe us, sometimes this illusion is all you need to help you fall in love with your kitchen.