Our new range of mirrored kitchen splashbacks

Examples of our mirrored kitchen splashbacks

Mirrored splashbacks have the wow factor!

Have you clicked on the ‘new range‘ tab of our website yet? If not, we suggest that you do so before making any purchasing decisions, because we’ve got some very special new products to show you and they could give you a kitchen to envy!

Amongst our new products we have several styles of mirrored kitchen splashbacks that are absolute works of art.

Let us tell you more.

Ice cracked, liquid effect and gleaming mirrored splashbacks

If you want to create a dramatic effect in your kitchen, our new ranges of mirrored kitchen splashbacks could be the most simple, effective and chic way to go about it. These new designer ranges are breathtaking and instantly create a high-end finish in any room.

The Ice Cracked range of mirrored splashbacks is incredibly unique. It fills your room with a reflective, ‘shattered glass’ effect that will create interesting patterns as the light shines on it.

Of course, the shattered glass is safely encased inside our special toughened safety glass. As well as being beautiful, these splashbacks are still as incredibly hygienic and practical as the other styles of splashback we sell.

Like the Ice Cracked range, the Liquid Mirror kitchen splashbacks offer bring some interesting shape and texture to a room. The splash and swirl effects on these high-shine splashbacks give them an added level of practicality, because the odd small splash could go unnoticed amongst the pattern, meaning that it will take more than frying an egg to spoil the look of your new designer kitchen!

Lastly, in the mirrored splashback range, we offer a plain, unpatterned option, great for creating light and space.

Incorporating a kitchen mirror with splashbacks

The kitchen is traditionally a room where you are unlikely to find a mirror. However, our new kitchen mirror splashbacks make the feature easy to incorporate in a practical, great looking way.

If you have a small space, or you don’t feel that there is enough natural light in your kitchen, mirrored kitchen splashbacks could really transform your room by opening it up and making it appear much larger.

Available in tinted gray, tinted bronze antique or – for those who love it light and bright – standard mirror effect, these splashbacks are unique, striking and as hard wearing as the rest of our range.

Which one will you go for?

Edit: You can also now get mirrored bathroom splashbacks from Sprayed Splashbacks!