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Our new range of splashbacks are more luxurious and premium than ever! We are very creative with our glass splashbacks and our new luxury splashback range has put our creativity to the test and we have delivered with different textures, patterns and colours. This ‘Premium’ splashback above, for example, is handmade using crystals! Our new made to measure glass splashbacks will be a great addition to your kitchen or bathroom and here’s why…


‘Ice Cracked’ glass splashbacks


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Our glass splashbacks are becoming more and more unique. If you are looking for a showstopper splashback or something to take your guests by surprise then these ‘Ice Cracked’ splashbacks are definitely the way to go. The ‘Ice Cracked’ glass splashbacks consist of one shattered glass layer which is fixed between layers of resin and toughened glass. This cracked layer creates the unique ‘Ice Cracked’ effect safely contained behind other layers of glass.

You will be the envy of all your guests with this modern twist on traditional glass splashbacks. They do not just look great, they also have purpose and functionality with their light reflecting properties. The mirror effect on this luxury splashback will add light and space to your kitchen or bathroom.

The ‘Ice Cracked’ glass splashback is unique, stylish and revolutionary.


‘Liquid Mirror’ glass splashbacks


made to measure glass splashbacks



Yet another unique glass splashback comes from our ‘Liquid Mirror’ collection. These hand-made patterned mirrors are made from 6mm toughened glass, which is impact and heat resistant to up to 4000C.  These luxury splashbacks are an artistic alternative to our mirror splashbacks and have similar qualities to the ‘Ice Cracked’ glass splashbacks. Their water effect makes them the perfect splashback for bathrooms and kitchens. Take a look at more of this range over on our website.


‘Italian’ glass splashbacks


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Our ‘Italian’ range is not only unique it is also exclusive as it comes all the way from Italy! You don’t get more bespoke than this as this range is from an Italian designer glass brand. They are made from 6mm toughened glass which is impact and heat resistant. The ‘Italian’ range is the epitome of luxury and elegance, especially since they have been designed in the stylish country of Italy. Live the stylish life of an italian with these luxury splashbacks.

luxury splashback italian range

With this range we do not just stop at splashbacks as this material is too good not to be used in other ways. We can also create artwork out of this amazing material as seen here. Continue the luxury theme throughout your whole home and tie all of your rooms together by adding a piece of this special ‘Italian’ range.


Made to measure glass splashbacks in Lancashire

All of our splashbacks are made bespokely for your size and style requirements. Get a free online quotation today over on our website and give us a call on 01942 389 554 or 07551 155 468​ for your luxury splashbacks.