New Year New kitchen!

It won’t be top of everyone’s list of new year’s resolutions but if a new kitchen is on your agenda, you’re probably finding yourself browsing online at ideas for the kitchen. We know that feeling! If you’re getting ready to put your ideas for the kitchen into reality come the new year then you should really know all about glass splashbacks and the amazing range of possibilities they present.

Here are a few nuggets of inspiration to add to your Pinterest board, all about our specialist subject!

Splashback ideas for the kitchen

Splashbacks can be used elsewhere in the home but it is in the kitchen where they are at their most useful and multi-functional. Wipe clean, heat resistant, grease proof and unerringly new and shiny looking, glass splashbacks are every kitchen’s best friend. Over the years, our customers have come up with some unique and interesting ideas for the kitchen, so we’re going to share a few of them with you today.

Colour match your paint work

Our sprayed glass splashbacks are available in literally thousands of colours and the chances are that we will be able to perfectly match them to, well, anything you like! For a chic and stylish look in the kitchen, why not create a seamless transition between your splashbacks and the paintwork above, by matching one to the other? This creates a subtle and very classy finish that will stand the test of time.

Open up the space with mirrored splashbacks

If you would like to create a sense of light and space in a small kitchen, mirrored splashbacks are the way to go. Being glass, all splashbacks are capable of creating interesting lighting effects by reflecting the glow of a bulb but our range of mirrored splashbacks can really help you to make the most of the natural light coming into the room, while also creating an optical illusion that adds a feeling of space.

Express yourself artistically

We are able to print almost anything onto your splashbacks. Art doesn’t often feature heavily when people think of ideas for the kitchen but there is no reason why it can’t. While grease and moisture could ruin traditional works of art hung in a small kitchen, a picture incorporated into a splashback is protected by a layer of toughened glass. In this way the art in your kitchen can be practical as well as protected. What would you put on your wall? Take a look at our gallery page for inspiration.

Match your splashbacks and your worktops

The infinitely practical and hard-wearing toughened glass splashbacks we also available for work surfaces. Why buy a toughened glass chopping board when your entire work surface could be made of the material? It looks great, is more hygienic than almost any other surface and wipes clean to create an enduring, high-shine effect.

Want more ideas for the kitchen? Take a look at our gallery or get in touch with our team.