Personalise Your Home By Using Unique Splashbacks

liverpool splashback

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s a place where you can be yourself and it should be designed exactly to your tastes. However, some people can struggle to apply their personality to their decor, especially in mainly practical rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. Printed splashbacks are the perfect way to personalise your kitchen, and because our service is bespoke to you there won’t be another home with your design! Here’s our guide breaking down the best ways to personalise your kitchen with printed glass splashbacks.

High Definition Images

purple kitchen splashback

Having an image printed on a splashback is unique in itself, but choosing your own image is a great way of adding a personal touch to your kitchen and ensures that it’s unique. It doesn’t have to be a personal family photo to make it unique however – you can use any image you’d like whether it be a self-shot picture of your favourite holiday destination or one taken of outer space by the Hubble Telescope. As long as it’s in clear high definition we can print and display it on your glass splashback.

Unique Patterns

printed pattern splashback

The great thing about our splashbacks is you can be as bold and creative as you like. If you would like to set a plain kitchen off with a particular pattern we can print it on the entire splashback or just part for a more subtle look. Patterns are popular in interior design and a striking pattern will make your kitchen stand out and lift the room’s tone. Adding patterns is a fun and interesting way of personalising your kitchen and we can print many types of patterns, from floral designs and stripes to swirls and polka dots. No matter what the pattern, we can guarantee that it’ll be displayed just how you want it.

Clashing Colours

colourful printed splashbacks

If images and patterns do not appeal to you, why not try playing with colours? The colour scheme that you choose is unique to you so clash colours to your heart’s content and create a bespoke design. You can use every colour of the rainbow like the one above or clash the colour of your cooker splashback with the rest of your splashback. Colours are the basis of every design so choose wisely to add a personal touch to your kitchen.

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Once you have a design in mind, ordering your printed splashback is simple. Try our free online quotation tool or give us a call on 01942 389 554 to talk about how we can help you find a brand new, personalised printed splashback.