10 Great Reasons to Opt for Sprayed Glass Splashbacks

Choosing our sprayed glass splashbacks

It will be an Easy Decision

Undecided about whether or not to opt for sprayed glass splashbacks in your kitchen?

Here are ten reasons to go for it and contact Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK now, for your free quotation.

Add a splash of any colour you choose to your kitchen

Coloured splashbacks, patterned splashbacks and even our glitter finish options will make your kitchen pop with colour.

With thousands of coloured splashbacks to choose from you can opt for the subtlety of a muted tone, or really bring your space to life with primary colours.

The best solution to the problem of kitchen splashes

Every time you use your hob it creates splashes.

You need something in place behind your cooker and worktops that is wipe clean, to protect your wall.

The other popular option, tiling, requires grout that can dull over time and be difficult, if not impossible, to keep perfectly clean.

Sprayed glass splashbacks are made from sheets of toughened glass – no grout is required, so there is nowhere for bacteria to gather. Simply wipe them clean and they will be clean, every time.

They won’t dull, break or lose their shine.

Made from toughened glass for durability

Our splashbacks are made from 6mm thick toughened, polished glass.

Once in place they will last a long time.

If you’re looking for cheap glass splashbacks don’t opt for an inferior product.

Go for the best – buy from Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK where you will get a highly competitive quote and a product that will remain unchanged for it’s lifespan, saving you money over time.

Hygienic and easy to clean

No grout, no nooks and crannies where grime can gather.

Our patterned and brightly coloured splashbacks provide a sleek finish that can be wiped clean in seconds.

Easily cut and shaped to any size

All glass splashbacks we sell are tailor made to the exact measurements of the space where they are required.

Our templating service will see an experienced member of our team measure up for you – taking into account all cut out for the likes of plug sockets and light switches – to ensure that your splashbacks are a perfect fit.

If you prefer you can provide your own measurements.

The Final 5 Reasons for Sprayed Glass Splashbacks

Your opportunity to commission custom artwork for your kitchen

Sprayed glass splashbacks can be supplied printed with the patter of your choice.

If there is a photograph, image or design that you would love to see in your kitchen, splashbacks provide a unique and practical way to create artwork that is safe and durable for the kitchen environment.

The combination of a patterned splashback panel behind the hob, coupled with coloured splashbacks throughout the rest of the kitchen, can be a striking combination.

Supplied and fitted by an expert team

The Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK team is experienced and qualified in what they do.

There is no need to worry about your measurements being incorrect when you can simply have our templating team round to measure up.

We also make installing your completed splashbacks quick and easy.

Available with a DIY option

Our templating and fitting services are optional, so you can choose to simply send us your measurements and have your splashbacks delivered to install yourself.

A word of warning though – we only recommend this option for experienced tradespeople.

If you are hoping to save money by doing your own measuring and installing, remember that cheap glass splashbacks can get expensive if you measure incorrectly or suffer a slip of the drill.

Value for money

Cheap glass splashbacks don’t have to mean inferior quality.

Our splashbacks are high quality, durable and long lasting, as well as being surprisingly low cost.

Contact us for a free quotation if you would like an idea of pricing for your job.

Suitable for worktops too

Toughened glass isn’t just for splashbacks.

If you love the finish of our coloured splashbacks you can also opt to have toughened glass worktops in your kitchen too.

As hard wearing, easy-clean and stylish as sprayed glass splashbacks, glass worktops will give your kitchen a unique, modern edge.