Increase your house value with glass splashbacks

Splashbacks for kitchens in the UK

A new kitchen can be a great investment decision

Splashbacks for kitchens are a great looking, hard wearing, long lasting way to make a great impression on your room. If you’re looking for small, relatively inexpensive ways to add value to a property before selling or renting it out they could represent a surprisingly good option.

Why invest in splashbacks for kitchens?

Tiled splashbacks for cookers can come to look tired and dirty over a period of time. The grout that holds tiles in place is notoriously tricky to keep clean and the tiles themselves can tarnish. On the other hand, glass splashbacks for cookers look as clean and shiny as the day they were installed for many years.

Being made of glass, they are no more likely to stain and tarnish than your windows! Made from special, fit-for-purpose toughened glass, splashbacks for kitchens also won’t chip, scratch or obtain heat damage. All it takes is a good buffing to keep them shiny for the life of the product.

Glass splashbacks don’t require any grout either, so there are none of those pesky areas that can attract dirt and grease, becoming discoloured.

Invest in splashbacks for a kitchen that will be splash proof and great looking for a long time. If you don’t want to replace your entire suite but you do need to overhaul the room, installing splashback the length of your kitchen cabinets and adding a fresh coat of paint above them can make a dramatic difference.

Are splashbacks just for cookers?

People often think of splashbacks as covering that small area behind the hob. Usually they do – it’s one of the most important areas of wall to protect – but they can do so much more as well.

If you’re thinking of investing in splashbacks for a kitchen redesign or revamp, take a look at our premium range and consider filling the length of the room with patterned mirror effect splashbacks, to add drama and even play with the light to make the space look larger. Or how about opting for patterned splashbacks for a bit of kitchen art?

You often don’t need to spend thousands replacing your entire kitchen to make a big difference. Take a look at our gallery to see a snapshot of what’s possible.