Splashback mirrors – the easiest way to brighten your kitchen

Our range of splashbacks mirrors

Bronze mirror splashbacks now available!

If you want to create the impression of more light and space in your kitchen then using mirrored glass splashbacks is one of the fastest, most simple ways to do that. You will be amazed what can be achieved, from an interior design perspective, using mirrors.

Using mirror splashbacks you get not only the aesthetic benefits but a practical, hard wearing wall protection as well.

There really is no downside.

Wipe clean, heatproof, scratch proof splashback mirrors

The benefits of mirrored glass splashbacks are plentiful. Not least, all of the splashbacks we supply are excellent from a health and hygiene perspective and they will look as good as they did on the day of installation for many years to come.

That is because our splashbacks, including all splashback mirrors, are created bespoke to fit the exact proportions of your room, then installed without the need for grout, so there are no areas for dirt to gather and no elements with the potential to discolour.

Instead, the toughened glass is a perfect fit, easy to wipe clean in an instant and, better still, it is chip proof, scuff proof and heat proof.

All of our splashbacks are designed to be highly practical in a busy kitchen environment.

Creating light and space with splashback mirrors

Our glass splashbacks are available in thousands of colours and patterns. In fact, the options are practically endless.

However, if you have a small kitchen, or areas within your kitchen that can seem dark, then mirrored splashbacks are a fantastic choice.

Mirrors allow you to play with light and space. They can create an illusion to make a cramped space feel larger and they can reflect light from other parts of the room. Splashback mirrors are simply a far more practical way to apply this theory in a functional space like the kitchen.

If you decide that they idea of a traditional mirrored finish isn’t for you, our bronze mirrored splashbacks can be used as an alternative.

More subtle and creating an incredibly classy effect, bronze mirror splashbacks are just one option from our premium range of mirrored splashbacks that can be effortlessly worked into a modern kitchen to make your décor work for you.