Why choose us for your sprayed glass splashbacks

Example of our sprayed glass splashbacks

Leave it to our expert team

Well, as you might guess from our company name, we specialise in sprayed glass splashbacks.

By focusing our business around the production, supply and installation of glass kitchen splashbacks, as well as just a few other directly complimentary products, we are able to ensure that we are the best at what we do.

Our products are second to none and our service is pleasant and efficient, even if we do say so ourselves! When we do say this, that’s because we’re told as much by our customers on a very regular basis.

Sprayed Glass Splashbacks Limited makes life easy

If you’re after splashbacks for a cooker, an whole kitchen or even a wet room we can take care of the whole job for you, beginning to end.

All of our glass kitchen splashbacks, or indeed our splashbacks for any room of the home, are custom made to order, to ensure a perfect fit.

Also to ensure a perfect fit we provide an expert templating service.

There is nothing worse than providing your own measurements, then taking delivery of your sprayed glass splashbacks only to find that they are a few millimetres out, or that you forgot to take a plug socket into account.

Our templating service rids you of the worry of this happening. We’ll drop by, measure up and provide you with a quote.

Once your glass kitchen splashbacks are ready we’ll head back over and fit them for you, leaving you with no need to handle or work with the glass yourself.

It’s a quick, easy process that simply leaves you with a stunning result.

Sprayed glass splashbacks with unlimited options

The custom made nature of our products means that, even when we produce simple glass splashbacks for cookers, two are rarely the same.

Aside from the variance in measurement, our customers can select from a range of thousands of colour options and practically infinite pattern and image choices.

We can colour match your paint, we can incorporate your artwork or family photographs or we can use any pattern of your choice, allowing you to really put your own unique stamp on your home.

We’re so passionate about sprayed glass splashbacks that we named our company after them.

If you want your job done well, come to the experts.