Toughened Glass Splashbacks; A Design Decision That Your Kitchen Will Wear Well

Only the best toughened glass splashbacks in the UK

Only the Best Glass for Our Splashbacks

One of the simplest, most striking, most economical and hardest wearing design decisions you can make in the kitchen is to invest in toughened glass splashbacks to line the walls above your surfaces.

Instead of tiling with grout that dulls or wallpaper that can rip or stain, you have the choice to opt for toughened glass, cut to size and professionally fitted in a wide range of colours and patterns.

At Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK we only ever use toughened glass for the splashbacks we produce, so customers can be confident of their safety and durability.

Why Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK?

In the kitchen you cannot afford to compromise on practicality but you don’t want to compromise on style either.

Nor do you have to.

Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK specialises in producing toughened glass cut to size.

You can opt for a simple panel mounted behind your hob, or line the entire room, confident that you will receive hardwearing splashbacks cut to whatever size you require, with cut outs for power outlets and other room features posing no problem at all.

With thousands of colours to choose from, you can go subtle with your toughened glass splashbacks, make them a feature by opting for a glitter finish or turn them into your own personalised work of art by incorporating a photograph or design of your choice.

Toughened Glass Splashbacks; A Safe Choice

Toughened glass splashbacks are a safe choice for your kitchen in more than one respect.

Safe because toughened glass won’t break or smash, so you can be confident that they will remain in fact even if they are knocked.

Safe in that they are wipe-clean, with no nooks and crannies that can harbour harmful bacteria.

Safe in a practical, economical sense because toughened glass splashbacks are a surprisingly low cost way to revamp your kitchen. They will last years without dulling or needing to be replaced.

Whether you are fitting a brand new kitchen or looking for ways to update a room that has become a little tired looking, glass splashbacks could provide exactly the look you want.

Remember that only toughened glass splashbacks will provide the level of practicality you need.