Why swap tiles for splashbacks in your bathroom?

Why swap tiles for splashbacks in your bathroom

Bespoke glass splashbacks for bathrooms are well on their way to becoming as popular as splashbacks for kitchens. If your bathroom is in need of a revamp then why not consider making the switch to glass, as a way to protect your walls? Splashbacks for bathrooms are superior to tiles in many ways. They provide all the same benefits that tiles do, plus rather a lot more.

Goodbye grouting!

What’s the first thing that ages in your bathroom? It’s the thing that gets grubby first and can drag the rest of your beautifully considered and attentively (expensively) designed space down with it. That’s right, the clue is in the title, it’s grout. Absolutely necessary when it comes to tiles, grouting doesn’t look new for long, especially above the bath and in the shower where it gets wet often.

This is the first big edge that splashbacks for bathrooms have over their counterpart. Absolutely no grout is needed in their application! That’s right, glass splashbacks are professionally fitted without grout, we well as precision made to fit your space perfectly. So there is nowhere for dirt or damp to gather and no part of the product or its installation materials that can age prematurely.

To clean every single part of your splashbacks you simply wipe them over with a wet cloth. Use soapy water when needed, dry them off with a squeegie if you choose but whatever you do they will always provide a more hygienic, more hard wearing solution to tiles that have to be affixed with grout.

No need to shop around for the right colour or design

We know what it’s like to have a design vision. You can find yourself searching for the perfect tiles, in the perfect colour and design, to suit your purposes. Then of course, when you finally find them, the ones you want are bound to be the most expensive.

None of this is needed if you opt for splashbacks. We are able to tailor make splashbacks of any size and shape, in literally thousands of colours and incorporating any design you choose. Would you like an image or artwork inside your shower? No problem. A very particular pattern gracing the walls over your bath? Of course. And whatever you fancy, you can order it from the same place.

We can colour match paint, create splashbacks that compliment the rest of the décor and even deliver them with ready made cut-outs to incorporate bathroom furniture and fixtures.

Fast, easy, professional fitting

With our professional templating and installation service your splashbacks could be measured up by professionals, delivered already cut to size and installed quickly and easily, with no mess, no fuss and without delay.

Modern design

Above all, we love splashbacks for bathrooms because of the aesthetic. This is one area of the home where modern and minimal always look fantastic. The use of toughened glass throughout the space will not only protect your walls from splashes but also provide an effortlessly stylish look that tiles just can’t replicate.